Words written by SKC spoken by TC and arranged by WBM

Tom Conti

What Tom Conti said about recording TWO INCHES TALL 

 'I have often been asked to record poetry, most recently, to well known musical classics.  My answer has always been ‘no’ because I believe that however

well-meaning, the voice intrudes on the message from the poet to the reader.  In the case of poetry with music, I think one runs the risk of spoiling both!

This time, however, I made an exception, believing, I hope not incorrectly, that the power of the words and the brevity employed might be resilient enough

to withstand destruction, and that, since the writer is also a fine lyricist, a voice might have been, from the outset, in her head. In any case it was a pleasure

to record it' 


What Sheila said about it 

'The words for Two Inches Tall were begun while waiting at a bus stop in Glasgow trying to avoid a very cold wind. I think it's about sad times in my own

life and about the lives of other people who have to stand at bus stops and who know what it's like to lose someone they really loved'  

The Bus Stop