This page is being worked on 

ONE FOOT ON ONE OFF: rhymes and dialogues in the treatment of a  
carthorse. This has undergone further edits and has now been printed. But so far  
it has been kept as a private document. It may be made available soon but  
before that happens the cover may be revised,

The cover for the first version of THE UNKNOWABLE NEXT was a mistake.

It has recently been remedied with the version below

The writing of this story began inadvertently during a ten day holiday from real work as a sort of film script. Later it was completed and printed as a book.  Recently it was reprinted by LULU with a changed cover.  It is an undemanding read for a trip on a bus a train or a plane

There have been several different versions of the first book of would be lyrics. I think this was the third one. I don't intend to make any more.


The content of this book of would be lyrics matches the recorded words in the double CD of the same title.