There is much information about the work on the two main CUSTTAD web sites at and

Custtad Central  is associated mainly with the Training Program.

And there are two  books: BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD

and - more of a Handbook of Practice - MAKING CUSTTAD.

Links to both books can be found on the home page at 


What follows are two very different recordings. They are particularly different in that the first one was recorded in 2022 and the second one - although the

exact date is not known - was probably recorded sometime just after 1995. Also they are aimed at two very different listeners:

The Wrong Road might be useful for someone who knows nothing about the book BALANCING whilst it is hoped that Aspects of Symbolic Activity

will be useful to anyone who is taking part in the CUSTTAD Training Program 

THE WRONG ROAD: the introduction to the book BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD 

ASPECTS OF SYMBOLIC ACTIVITY: the supposedly hard bit of the book 

PS. This may not be the most suitable place for the recording of Aspects of Symbolic Activity but I wanted to find a place that would avoid making alterations to the content and the lay out of the two main CUSTTAD sites. I had only recently located it on an old reel to reel tape and was surprised to find it even existed.

However, having been told by those who are asked to read the book BALANCING as part of the Training Program that it is the most difficult section of the book to understand it is hoped that the recording of the text might be of some assistance. I should also admit that it was a struggle to write and I can’t be sure I understand it myself.