I have reached a stage in my song writing career where - although I do have occasional yearnings for more - I am content

if Iain Anderson chooses to play one my songs on his radio program at  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0074hkv  


Iain Anderson at work

Iain Anderson at work



Iain has had more of an impact on my song writing than he may realize

Having decided to make more of an effort to get some of my songs heard I experimented with several different names 

There are so many Sheila Camerons I felt I needed to differentiate myself in some way and for a while I used S.Casey and Sheila KC.

But neither seemed right and I opted to stay with my usual name of Sheila K Cameron   


Then, on one of his BBC Scotland programs, Iain Anderson referred to me as SKC

Since then I have used Sheila K Cameron with SKC alongside in brackets with the hope that one of these days 

the name might get dropped and  I’d be left with the brief and more desirable SKC


I received some support for that idea from HELLO MUSIC which is featured elsewhere on this site