Once upon a time there must have been a reason to  use this image with this selection of tracks but I have no idea what it was However is does somehow belong and it may as well stay with it  Apparently HELLO SINGING BIRD was intended to be a basic vocal and acoustic guitar demo to illustrate the kind of songs I write.  It was recorded– in a one-off session - onto cassette tape . Then - as I discover on reading over my notes - once it had been mastered and a cover had been made it was decided to add this selection to the material that was already ‘out there’ 

The title song was recently re-mastered at www.cavasound.com by the superb Geoff Allan and it can be heard by clicking on the link  to CD BABY  at www.cdbaby.com/cd/sheilakcameron3 This is a site I ceased using a long time ago but some of my material (rather scruffily presented ) stil lingers on there  


1  Hello Singing Bird   2  I've Been Alone On The Road So Long   3  Don't Hold the Hurt To Make It Easy     4  Last Night I Dreamed About Doris Lessing      5  What A Relief It Is      6  She Put My Baby In the Drawer     7  We Could Live In A Hut       8  Talk It Through With Me     9  Don't You Tell Me What Coming Out Can Mean     10 I Can Taste You In The Wood Of My Room    11 This Is No Way To Spend An Evening    12 When You Found Out What I Really Was     The playing time is 20 mins approx