Hello Music were splendid. Songs were submitted and  promptly reviewed.  They arranged for Mr Moon to included in the  In- flight  music on a major US airline for a while. They no longer exist. The song  can be heard at the foot of the page

She came in through the  Hello Music Song of the Day for Jan. 31, 2011  Artist: Sheila K. Cameron Song: Mr. Moon Genre: Pop – cabaret, easy listening  blues Location: Glasgow, Scotland  
Similar artists: Billie Holliday, Shirley Bassey, Paul Simon, Judy Garland   

Description: Scottish poet-songwriter pretty much takes your breath away in the first couple bars of “Mr. Moon” with a gentle cabaret blues; the easy swing, spare arrangement and especially Cameron’s enchanting and haunted alto are pretty much impossible to deny. Add to that the story behind her lyrics – the song was inspired by a neighbor’s World War II story of scraping a friend’s corpse out of an exploded tank under the moonlight, using a shovel – and you have a song that you’ll carry with you for quite a while. Meanwhile, there’s precious little information about her on the Internet, but “Mr. Moon” has gotten some plays on Iain Anderson’s BBC Radio Scotland singer-songwriters program. Enough plays, in fact, that he’s nicknamed her simply “SKC.”   

Discovered by: Mason Frank   

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